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For a range of high quality and affordable blinds in the Central Coast, make the Australian company you choose.

Our extensive range includes fantastic vertical, roller and outdoor blinds. We can help you decide the best fit for your home

We have grown our expert team for over 15 years and we pride ourselves on our well rounded knowledge of the home improvement industry. Blinds are one of our specialities and with they are all made to measure- just as you like it!


Our Blockout Roller Blinds give you total protection against light and complete privacy from the outside, making them a great a choice for bedrooms and other living areas.

Light Filtering

Light Filtering Roller Blinds protect you from the sun but will not affect your view. They will give you privacy during the day and stop people from seeing in but not blockyour view of the outside.Get the best of both worlds!


Our Double roller blinds give you the best of both worlds! This blind combines Blockout Roller Blinds with our Light Filtering Roller Blind. When both blinds are on one window they give you total privacy with the option to allow natural light enter your home if required.


Venetian blinds are adaptable and look great in any space, whilst also giving you the ability to take control of light and privacy in your home. The blinds are produced from an extremely durable foam polymer and have safety features built in to give your family home complete protection.


Our vertical blinds are a great reasonably priced option in our range, meeting all your functional and decorative needs. You can easily control the amount of light entering your home and ensure privacy with a special wand allowing rotation of the vanes by 180 degrees when closed. They also come with the option to open the blinds rapidly, and stack them neatly for easy viewing.

Panel Glides

Panel Glides are an upgrade on Vertical blinds. Panels are effortless in their movement and they move through multiple tracks. They are perfect for sliding doors and large windows.

Looking for blinds in the Central Coast? Call us today! We would be happy to have a no obligation discussion about our entire range of blinds. We can help you to decide the best blind choice for your home!