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The Hidden Dangers of EMFs in the Home

The effects of high frequency EMFs have been well documented but we hear much less about low frequency EMFs. An example of a high frequency EMF is ultraviolet light from the sun and we understand how dangerous this is. However, we are far more laid back about low frequency EMFs from things like cell phones […]

How a Home Invasion Impacts Your Mind

Not only are possessions lost during a burglary, but it can also have a detrimental impact on our confidence. 1 in 8 people never recover emotionally after a burglary and many even move home after it. It can be hard to move on after a burglary but there are some things you can do to […]

How Passive Houses Can Help the Environment

Passive houses continue to grow in popularity. The first passive house was built in Germany, but they are now a popular choice in many parts of the world. Depending on where you live, regional and national authorities offer support to people who want to build a passive house. These incentives aim to encourage people to […]

The Evolution of Locks & Keys Through the Ages

Locks have come a long way over the last 2,500 years. However, we had to start somewhere and many of the locks from even 500 years ago were highly effective at protecting our valuables. For example, the Bramah lock was considered the first commercially produced lock that offered very good security against manipulation. Of course, […]

10 Apps For Architects That Fit the Build

We often hear ‘how there’s an app for everything these days’ and now this includes architects. There are a wide range of apps available to suit many tasks that cause architects difficulty on a daily basis. For example, architects often have to make complicated calculations and apps such as Concrete & Agg Calculator have individual […]

9 Years of Airbnb – The Story of their Incredible Growth

The growth of Airbnb over such a short period has been amazing. Few could have envisaged just how big it would become and it is now one of first options for accommodation. They did receive some important funding along the way and this was vital as the company grew. The company is now valued at […]

The Who’s Who of Instagram Interior Design

Instagram is such a great place to get design inspiration. Some people have gained massive followings on the back of just posting up photographs of their cool interiors. Check out our video on the best people on Instagram to follow for to see some really cool designs. We hope one of these people will feature […]

What to do if you’re home during a break in

Someone breaking in to your home is always a traumatic event but being at home as it happens makes it even worse. Check out our video to find out how to react if you’re at home and a burglar has gained entry to your home. Our roller shutters can help to keep intruders out!

The power of virtual reality in interior design

Virtual reality and augmented reality have the potential to change the face of interior design forever. It is already having a big influence and is expected to grow further in years to come. Find out more in the infographic. Maybe see how our roller blinds look before they’re installed?! We guarantee they’ll look great!

The Smart Kitchen of the Future is Here

Technology is slowly making its way into our kitchens and it looks set to change the way we do things in there! Time is a priceless commodity and technology has the potential to significantly reduce the time we spend in the kitchen. Find out more in our infographic.